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Placement Profiles

We have a number of student nurses and midwives from around the region who undergo clinical placements at CRH. These placements are undertaken throughout the trust and neighbouring GP Practices.

The following placement profiles have been compiled and created by the placement areas for their students. These pages will enable you to familiarise yourself with your allocated placement area prior to arrival.


Within each placement profile, you will see a Proficiency Graphic (example below):

The layout of this graphic represents the proficiencies found in the MYEPAD for Parts 1, 2 & 3 of the nursing curriculum.


If highlighted as GREEN, there is the opportunity to achieve the proficiency in this particular area.

If highlighted ORANGE this can possibly be met in this area, in specific scenarios.  Talk to your LEM and practice assessor if the proficiencies you need to meet are coloured orange.

If highlighted as RED, this proficiency will not be encountered in this particular area.

When you see the symbol: µ - this is a proficiency that you can complete in either PART 1 or PART 2 of your course.

When you see the symbol: ʘ this is a proficiency that you can complete in either PART 2 or PART 3 of your course.


These graphics should be used when researching your placement area prior to your initial interview.

Use them to consider what you want to achieve for your placement and plan learning opportunities accordingly.


Main placement areas who don't work the full 24hr/7 day service. These placements are usually part of a rotation.

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