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Skin Layers

Welcome to the Dermatology Outpatients Departments Webpage.

We are situated in Suite 3 at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

The department is open Monday to Thursday 08:30 - 17:30 and Friday 08:30 - 13:00.

LEM: Mellissa Bulloch 

Contact Us: 01246 513106

The Dermatology team aim to provide the highest standards of holistic and evidence based care in several areas.

  • Diagnosis of skin disease

  • Understanding the impact of skin disease on everyday life

  • Medical treatment of skin disease

  • Surgical treatment of skin cancer

  • Nurse led treatments of Phototherapy, dressings, patch testing and skin camouflage.

Photothearpy skin is exposed to UVA and UVB light.

UVA treatment is known as PUVA.

UVB treatment is known as TL01.

PUVA is a type of ultraviolet radiation also known as Photochemotheapy. It is used to treat several skin conditions which are mostly severe in nature.

The P in PUVA stands for a medication called Psoralen which can administed orally or topically.

The UVA in PUVA stands for Ultraviolet A, which is a longer wavelength and penetrates the deeper layers of the skin.

TL01 is used to treat skin conditions such as, psoriasis. It provided Ultraviolet Light B to treat the more superficial layers of skin.

Day Cases &

Minor Ops

Your will have opportunity to observe day case and minor ops to excise skin cancers.

Techniques such as Punch biopsy's, shave excision and cutterge and Cautery.

A punch biposy involves using a circular blade attached to a long handle. The blade is rotated through the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. This allows a sample of full thickness skin to be obtained. The patient usally requires a few stitches afterwards. 

A shave excision is the removal or flattening of a lesion such as a mole. The lesion is removed with a sharp blade.

A skin lesion is scrapped off and heat known as Cautery is used to stop bleeding.


You will have opportunity to observe and participate in the removal of sutures, application of creams and ointments and the application of an assortment of dressings under supervision.

What have other students said about us?

"You have all taught me so much about skin, the diseases and techniques which i will be able to use during my nursing career."

2nd Year Stn

"I have thoughly enjoyed me time in dermatology and all of the staff are so welcoming!" 3rd year stn

"All of the team on this unit made me feel part of the team and explained everything in detail". 1st year stn

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