Murphy Ward

Murphy Ward is a 27-bedded ENT, Maxillo-facial, Ophthalmic, Urology, Gynaecology and Orthopaedic ward that cares for patients undergoing both elective and emergency surgery. However emergency admissions can be of any surgical speciality.


Within normal clinic working hours, the urology department offers a service for patients with blocked or problem catheters.  On occasions, the doctor sees ENT patients on the ward, and therefore this creates a lot of activity but a very challenging learning environment.


In order to effectively care for all patients, the ward is divided each day by patient allocation. The nurses introduce themselves to their patients on admission.


The ward co-ordinator or nurse-in-charge of the shift has primary responsibility for the co-ordination and effective management of the ward.

Ward Matron: Theresa Keen

Ward Sisters: Sue Hawkins and Julie Hopkins

LEM: Courtney Mason

Contact: 01246 512394

Shift times:

Morning 7am- 2.30pm

Afternoon 12pm- 7.30pm

Long day 7am -7.30pm

Twilight 4pm -11.30pm

Night 7pm-7.30 am

The following graphic represents the nursing procedures that will be encountered in this placement area, according to the Annexe B section of the Future Nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018).


Green: Encountered frequently/daily

Amber: Encountered occasionally/rarely

Red: Never encountered

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