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Moving and Handling

Deborah Wilcock, Learning Facilitator -

Sally Fonseca, Practice Learning Educator -

  • Before you start your first placement you will attend a moving and handling session at St Helena with Deb and/or Sally followed by a 2-hour update after 18 months.

  • Prior to this session you will need to access the Moving and Handling Theory and your knowledge being assessed quiz style within the practical session!

  • The practical sessions are very physical so please ensure you are in good health and following uniform policy.

  • During these we will cover safe principles of movement, sit to stand, falls, equipment and their uses, profiling bed lesson, slide sheets and to finish the day hoisting!

  • Key Movers – Key movers are members of staff that have had extra, more in depth or specialised moving and handling training

  • You should find a key mover in most areas, and these are there to help you with any moving and handling advice or issues.

  • As well as this they are responsible for all the staff in their areas Point of Care updates!

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