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Welcome to the Clinical Research Team page.


The team is made up of two main sections:    

* Research and Development: based at the Education Centre

* Clinical Research Facility: based at 8 Sycamore Drive 


However some of the team work within the main Chesterfield Royal hospital.

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The Team 


Senior Team


Karen Moxham: General Manager for Research and Development

Amanda Whileman: Matron for Research

Dr Justin Cooke: Medical Clinical Research Lead

Tom Spencer: Research & Development Lead


Research Nurses/Practitioners 


Emily Hall: Cardiology/Generic

Rachel Gascoyne: Stroke/Generic

Lesley Stevenson: Haematology and R&D

Amanda Smith: Paediatric

Kelly Pritchard: Haematology/Bowel & Lung Cancer

Vittoria Sorice: Generic (LEM)

Stephanie Wright: Generic

Jodie Bradder: Generic/Breast

Research Midwives

Mary Kelly-Baxter: Midwifery/Generic

Administration Staff 


Jan Woodward: Research & Education 

Sian Edwards: Data Manager for Haematology

Nicky Ford: Data Manager for Oncology & Generic

Sarah Hazeldine: Research & Education


Research at Chesterfield Royal


At Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we believe that participation in research is an integral part of our mission to deliver quality healthcare to our local community.

As a hospital our involvement in research gives our patients extra choices, choices they may not otherwise have had.

It gives the choice to help shape practice for the future, the choice to help answer long standing medical questions, the choice to help in developing new treatments that are potentially more effective or have fewer side effects, and the choice of trying an alternative treatment that may otherwise not have been available to them.

Although not all participants will benefit directly from taking part in research studies, they will, in some measure, be contributing positively to future developments in healthcare.


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