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Manvers Ward

01246 51 2434/2436

Ward Philosophy


The aim on Manvers Ward is to provide a high standard of care in a relaxed, friendly and caring environment, supporting staff, patients and their families.

The care is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team, sharing information and encouraging a good rapport with the patients and carers.

The team work together to improve the standard of care by continually updating their skills and knowledge using the training and learning facilities provided within the trust.

Medical Team

There are three medical consultants based on the ward together with their teams (HO, SHO and registrar).

The consultants are Dr Cooke, Dr Sheridan, Dr Smith, Dr Sandler and Dr Jackson, all sharing the workload equally.

Nursing Team

The care given by the nurses is delivered using an individualised holistic approach, within the framework of bay allocation. Each nurse is allocated a number of patients to care for with the support of the health care assistants.

Individual care is delivered using nursing based on the activities of living. It is a strong nursing team working effectively over the 24hr period.


 Professionals liaising with Manvers ward.

  • Physiotherapists.

  • Occupational therapists.

  • Speech and Language therapists.

  • Social workers.

  • District nurse liaison.

  • Community bed manager.

  • Cardiac rehab team.

  • Infection control team.

  • Palliative care team.

  • Stroke nurse.

  • Respiratory nurse.

  • Tissue viability nurses.

  • Dietician.

  • Diabetic nurse specialist.

  • Mental health nurse.

  • Discharge coordinator.

  • Heart failure nurse specialist.



Manvers Ward is a 31 bed Medical ward specialising in cardiology, it also has an integrated coronary care unit.

It comprises 12 monitored beds and 21 step down beds with the option of telemetry.

Patients are admitted via A&E, AMU, CDU, Angiography suit, other wards within the hospital and from other hospitals. Occasionally patients are admitted straight from home or outpatient clinics.


Admission criteria

Patients are admitted to Manvers Ward for various reasons but most common are:

  • Patients with a confirmed or suspected myocardial infarction NSTEMI.

  • Patients with unstable angina.

  • Patients with cardiovascular emergencies e.g post cardiac arrest.

  • Patients suffering with rhythm disturbances.

  • Patients with cardiac disease.

  • Patients with respiratory problems due to LVF that requires CPAP.

  • Patients with heart failure requiring treatment.

  • Patients requiring NIV then no available beds on Ashover ward or HDU.

  • Patients repatriated form NGH post PCI for STEMI

  • Patients who have had STEMI but have presented to hospital too late for transfer for urgent PCI.

Shift Times

On Manvers Ward we currently work a shift system based on 3 shifts in 24hrs. Some members of staff work long days and nights, Some work traditional shifts.


Mornings - 07.00 to 14.30


Afternoons - 13.30 to 21.15


Nights - 20.45 to 07.30


Long Days - 07.00 to 07.30


Long Nights - 19.00 to 07.30 

Visiting Times

Visiting time on Manvers ward is 14:00-20:00. This rule may be relaxed at the discretion of the nursing staff, where relatives are unable to visit during these hours and, or when the patient is distressed or very ill.


Meal times

12:00 to 13:00

17:00 to 18:00.

On Manvers Ward we follow a protected meal time policy. This is so that patients can enjoy their meals in peace without any interruptions. During this time we discourage visitors unless they are assisting patient with their meals or in circumstances where open visiting applies.

Contact us:

LEM and Ward Sister: Laura Clayton
01246 51 2434/2436  or

LEM and Ward Sister: Jo Ryans
01246 51 2434/2436  or

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