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Pallative care rotation including the Breast Care Team

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During your placement you will spend the Thursday with the Secondary Breast Care Nurses. We look after patient who have secondary breast cancer and also patients who are having neo-adjuvant and adjuvant therapies.  These include chemotherapy, Anti-HER2 treatments, Targeted therapies and Immunotherapy.

You will gain an insight into our roles which will include be able to see us assess patients on the ward or in A&E, perform telephone consultations, support calls, liaise with oncologists and other MDT members. We refer to Ashgate Hospice, Palliative care, OT,  Physio, Welfare and Benefits, Macmillan Information Centre and Breast Cancer Now.

You will attend a MDT meeting where we discuss diagnostic, therapeutic and radiology for all breast cancer patients. The MDT consists of Surgeons, Radiologists, oncologists, breast care nurses and MDT co-ordinator.

Your placement with the Primary Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist team will offer the opportunity to follow the patient throughout their pathway. You will spend time in our fast track clinic where patients are seen following a referral from their GP with a lump or concern. You will also spend time in our Breast screening clinic where patients attend for further assessment following a screening mammogram. These clinics will offer you the opportunity to learn about the signs and symptoms of Breast cancer and the reasons why patients are recalled following a mammogram. After gaining knowledge on our two main routes to diagnosis you will have the opportunity to attend our MDT to observe how we work together to decide the best treatment plan for our patients. You will have the opportunity to be present when patients are given a Breast Cancer diagnosis and to gain an insight in to how the CNS team assess, support and coordinate the pathway for our patients.  You will gain an understanding as to why and when we may refer patients to other members of the MDT, community services and charities such as Macmillan and Breast Cancer now. In order to develop knowledge on the surgical proc spending time with one of our Breast Consultant Surgeons in theatre you will gain knowledge of the surgical procedures used to treat Breast Cancer and post operatively you will see how our surgical wounds and drains are expertly managed by the CNS team. In addition to surgery you will be able to gain knowledge into how chemotherapy is given and the regimes we use for our patients. During your time with the Breast Team You will be closely supported to ensure you gain the most out of your placement. We look forward to welcoming you!

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