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Robinson Ward

Welcome to Our Webpage!

Robinson Ward has 28 beds and our speciality is trauma orthopaedics. In November 2014, we became further specialised in neck of femur fractures.

Trauma orthopaedics encompasses both medical and surgical nursing which will provide you with a variety of opportunities.


This could include understanding and learning how to manage medical conditions, attending theatre to observe an operation and caring for a patient in the post-operative period.

Contact Us

The off duty will be sent out to you approximately 2 weeks before the start of your placement. If you do not receive any information or have queries of any kind, please do not hesitate to email the LEM Danielle Winter at:

Ward Telephone Numbers

01246 512415 / 01246 512417

Shift Times

Morning Shift: 07:00AM - 14:30PM

Afternoon Shift: 12:00PM - 19:30PM

Long Day: 07:00AM - 19:30PM

Night Shift: 19:00PM - 07:30AM

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