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Surgical and Orthopaedic Pre-assessment Clinic

The staff of the Pre-assessment Unit would like to welcome you to the units webpage.

Our aim is to provide all of our patients and their carers with a high standard of care

delivered by skilled professionals.

Patients no longer requiring surgery can be removed from the waiting list

Patients who have been listed incorrectly or with issues can be identifies and problems resolved

Allows forward planning of specialist needs

This could be either equipment of personal

Mdt members are involved as necessary. Patients are given the opputunity to discuss treatment and meet specialist practitioners

Reduces risk of cancelled operations

Pre operative assessment is not a new concept.

It was developed in the late 1980's.

Now seen as a vital part of a patients pathway for safe preparation for surgery

Adaquately prepares patients for surgery

Patients ideally recieve pathological investigations in a timely manner.

Adverse results can be acted on optimising patient health.

Provides patients with accurate knowledge regarding their surgery.

Gives patients the opputunity to enquire about risks and benifits.

Treatment options can be discussed so informed consent can be obtained.

For more information please contact Teresa Mcardle ( or the unit on 01246 513491/01246 512132

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