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Medical Respiratory. Ridgeway
(Formally Markham)



Mornings (M)        =  07:00-14:30

Afternoons (A)      = 12:00-19:30

Long Days (LD)     = 07:00-19:30

Long Nights (LN)  = 19:00-07:30

If you are ill and are unable to attend placement, please remember to telephone the University and the ward area to inform staff of this

Policies & Procedures

Contact info

(01246) 512429 & 512431

Medical Emergency Team:   2222

Fire:                                           2000

Security:                                   7777

Learning Environment Managers:

Julian Atkinson:

Jade Widdowson:

Tracy Forester:

Or contact them on their generic email:


Vicky Turner


Dawn Edwards 

Zoe Ashley

Asthma is an inflammatory condition of the airways. The cause of which is not completely understood; although some asthmatics do have defined ‘trigger factors’ i.e. cat fur. The inflammation can make the airways hyper responsive resulting in narrowing of the airways and the obstruction of airflow. Asthma can and does kill. 1,400 people a year die from asthma.


General Info

It is a 33 bedded general medical ward with a specialist interest in respiratory medicine. We have two Consultants attached to the ward, Dr Davies (SD5) and Dr Aung (TA1). We also have visits from other specialists as necessary.

Our patients vary in age from 17 yrs upwards and they are all treated as individuals, allowed the privacy, dignity and respect that we would wish for ourselves.

We have five bays and four side rooms, there are NO mixed bays and the beds are allocated on a ‘patient need’ basis. As a ward we work on a ‘bay nursing’ principle, where a qualified nurse is allocated a bay(s) and s/he is responsible for the planning and evaluation of care for those patients.

The Ridgeway Ward team is a multidisciplinary team and consists of Nurses, Ward Practitioners, Healthcare Assistants, and different grades of Doctors, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapists, Ward Clerks, Housekeepers, Domestic assistants, Catering assistants and Social Workers.

All our patients have an individual assessment of their needs and their care plans formulated to reflect each individual needs. Our ward philosophy is displayed on the notice board and all our staff work together to make a stay in hospital for the patient as stress free as possible.

During your placement as a Student you are expected to learn more about the medical and nursing care of the patient with a medical problem.

Medical conditions that our patients have will be explained on an individual basis and students have access to the education centre library.

A basic knowledge of the more common conditions compliments the care that we are able to offer our patients. Brief descriptions of some of the more common conditions and common abbreviations that you may encounter on our ward are included with this pack.

There are numerous learning opportunities that you are able to use whilst on placement with us. Students are encouraged to identify their own learning opportunities and discuss theses with their mentors in order to formulate individualised action plans (There are some learning opportunities identified at the back of the welcome pack to use as guidance).

Students should anticipate being questioned by their PA,PS and other members of staff at anytime. This will enable us to direct our education and practice to an appropriate level for your abilities/level of learning.

Several members of the MDT provide teaching sessions throughout the year; these will be displayed on the notice board so keep an eye out for them.

Learning Opportunities

Examples of Learning Opportunities

  • Spend some time working with/observing:

    • Occupational Therapist

    • Physiotherapist

    • Speech and Language Therapist

    • Dietician

    • Social Worker


  • Spend time with the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist

  • Spend time with Home Oxygen Nurse Specialist

  • Participate in caring for respiratory patients (NIV, Chest Drains, oxygen therapy, Tracheostomy)

  • Spend time with Palliative Care Nurse Specialists

  • Observe Bronchoscopy (Tuesday afternoon)

  • Admission/Discharge of Patients

  • Formulate care plans for individual patients

  • Participate in MDT’s

  • Consultant ward rounds


This list is only meant as guidance for learning opportunities. Remember that you have got competencies that you need to achieve and you must work at least 40% of your placement with your Mentor so that s/he can assess you.


We have "open visiting". The visiting times are:


Visiting is limited to two visitors at the bedside and no children under the age of 11yrs old are allowed on the ward unless they are visiting a parent

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