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The Nursing Team

Gemma Whitehead

Clinical Nurse Specialist and Learning Environment Manager


Lisa Lowton

Haematology Support Worker


Angela Gascoigne

Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist


Rebecca Chadwick

Haematology Support Worker and HNA Lead


Tracey Small

Clinical Nurse Specialist and Support Group Lead

Student Resources
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Role of the Haematology Specialist Nurse

At diagnosis;

  • To be present at breaking of bad news/significant information with both inpatients and outpatients. 

  • Ensure patients understand diagnosis, providing verbal and written information where appropriate. 

  • Provide emotional support to both patient and family, and ensure all care and support is available. 

  • To be the patient's nominated key worker and assist in co - ordinating the treatment pathway.

  • Act as patient advocate and ensure treatment plans take into account the patient's individual needs and wishes. 

  • To initiate any immediate help e.g. finances, Macmillan grants, community support, referrals to specialists.

  • Ensure holistis needs assessments are completed and a care plan is formulated.

Involvement throughout illness;

  • Provide a point of contact by telephone or face to face for ongoing support. 

  • To continue to act as patient's key worker.

  • Ensure information needs are addressed throughout.

  • Provide ongoing support for patient's loved ones. 

  • Ensure appropriate referrals are made as patient's needs change.

  • Regularly assess patients in outpatients follow up clinics. 

  • Review and monitor patients condition if admitted to hospital as part of the acute oncology service. 

The haematology nurse specialist is responsible for both outpatient and inpatient patient needs. It is important to keep up to date with the latest research, maintain adequate documentation of patient involvement in medical records and fulfil the requirements set by peer review as well as national government targets. 

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