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Crystal Fitt:
Patricia Dematsika:

POSU ward is a Surgical ward.  

It stands for the Post Operative Surgical Unit.

It is a 'clean ward' looking after patients directly admitted from home for surgery. They have been prepped, Covid screened and completed pre admission prior to admission and are discharged straight from the unit.

Shift times-

  • Morning Shift: 07.00-14.30

  • Afternoon Shift: 13.30-21.00

  • Long Day: 07.00-19.30

  • Night Shift: 19.00-07.30

The LEMs will allocate off-duty, a full range of shifts will be allocated including weekends and nights. If you need to adjust your off-duty please discuss with your supervisor or LEM, we will try to accommodate where possible.

During your placement on POSU we require you to act within the NMC code of conduct at all times. If you are ever uncertain about any aspect of care please discuss with your supervisor or LEM.

We expect students to demonstrate an awareness and take responsibility for their own learning and in return the staff on Portland ward will facilitate educational opportunities through discussions, teaching sessions and insight visits.

It is expected that students will show an interest in our specialty and in their own learning in order to obtain a fulfilling placement.

Should you be absent for any reason please contact the ward and ask to speak to the nurse in charge. You must report your reason for absence and anticipated return date as well as contacting university. 

The supervisors on POSU are very busy managing patients who at times have complex needs. They also play a role of communicating with a large MDT, relatives and student learning. As a consequence, completing student documentation can sometimes get forgotten about therefore, in order to avoid this it is important that you discuss your learning objectives at the earliest opportunity with your mentor and ensure dates for interviews are identified.

Staff you will work with on POSU ;​




Healthcare Assistants

Ward receptionists 

Nursing Associates


Social Workers



Occupational Therapists

Clinical Psychologists


Research Nurses

Activities Co-ordinator

Infection Control

Speech and Language Therapists

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