Ridgeway ward

Ward/Unit Philosophy of Care

On Ridgeway ward our patients are important to us:


  • We aim to work collaborately with patients, families and other health care professions in the delivery of high standards of care that incorporates each individual’s needs, dignity and beliefs.

  • We aim to act as effective educators by using honest and open communication with patients and their families encouraging them to be involved in the provision of care in order to promote understanding with informed decisions about conditions and treatments.

  • We aim to maintain, develop and enhance our care by continually updating our skills and knowledge through training and educational developments/research.

  • We aim to provide high standards of holistic care in a friendly, professional, clean and relaxed environment.

Common conditions treated on Ridgeway ward

Learning opportunities e.g.: speciality, procedures

  • Opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge in assessing, managing and evaluating care of patients with a wide variety of gastroenterology conditions.

  • Good communication skills with the multi disciplinary team (MDT) in the coordination of holistic care and discharge planning.

  • Observation and participation in medical/nursing procedures and investigations e.g. endoscopic procedures, paracentesis, NG/PEG/Jejunostomy management.

  • Opportunities to gain knowledge/exposure to the hospital Alcohol Liaison team and other Gastroenterology professionals.

  • Holistic care planning, implementation and evaluation for patients with Gastro conditions and substance misuse.

  • Aseptic techniques.

  • Inter personal skills.

  • Discharge planning.

  • Care of the terminally ill patient and their families.

  • Alternative feeding methods, PEG, PEJ, jejunostomy, TPN

Matron: Katie Legdon  katie.legdon@nhs.net 01246 516385

Learning Environment Manager (LEM):   Lesley Swale   lesley.swale@nhs.net      01246 516385

The following graphic represents the nursing procedures that will be encountered in this placement area, according to the Annexe B section of the Future Nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018).


Green: Encountered frequently/daily

Amber: Encountered occasionally/rarely

Red: Never encountered

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