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Infection Control
01246 512875

Learning Opportunities

Expand knowledge of various infections/microorganisms, modes of transmission, prevention of spread and treatments available in order to understand why Department of Health/local policies and procedures have been put in place.

Undertake morning reviews of inpatient wards to ascertain if any patients have new symptoms of loose stools or vomiting, to then undertake assessment of the patient, give advice and ensure patient is monitored appropriately. To minimise cross infection, ward closures and optimise patient management.

Patient Care planning in relation to Infection Prevention and Control and any positive results received.To include assessment of the patient, advice in relation to investigations to be undertaken and any monitoring to be completed.

Attend weekly Clostridium Difficile round, assessment of patient who have been diagnosed with C-diff and currently on treatment.

Care of community patients with C-difficile, MRSA or ESBL producing organisms, to include contact with GP and telephone review of patient in the case of C-difficile positive patients.

Home visits of community patients with C-difficile toxin, patients in care / nursing homes and patients in own home who request home visit to discuss condition, treatment and advice regarding prevention of cross contamination.

To gain an understanding of Tuberculosis, treatment and preventative measures, including assessment and identification of at risk groups within the nurse led service and the Department of Health/ NICE Guidelines.

Gain understanding of Surgical Site Surveillance (SSI) and the SSI audits undertaken within the trust

Infection Prevention & Control /

TB services

 Clinical Standards and Governance Division

01246 513183

Diane Holland

Senior Matron & Deputy Director of Infection Prevention & Control


Learning Environment Managers

Karen Fielding

Anita Stapp

Rebecca Griffiths

Kimberley Wynn

The Infection Control office is situated on lower ground floor between Robinson/Portland wards & Adult Care.

It is a 7 day a week service from

0730 – 1530 and 0830 – 1630.

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