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Pain Clinic

01246 512286

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Department of pain management

Aim: To gain knowledge and experience of the services provided by the chronic and acute pain team.

This is an introduction to the Pain Management Department, based at Chesterfield Royal hospital. 

We are part of the Critical Care Directorate.

Learning outcomes


During the placement the student will be able to:


  • Discuss differences between acute and chronic pain experiences


  • Relate patients’ acute and chronic pain experiences to individual plans of evidence-based care


  • Appreciate the roles of the multiprofessional team within pain management


  • Identify an area of their practice where they could improve pain management and develop an action plan

Student Nurse timetable


Am: Orientation to department.

nurse led clinic. tens.

pm: Dr bhansali, follow up clinic.



pm: dr hui follow up/pain assessment


am: theatre list

pm: new patient clinic


am: acute pain, dr farquharson clinic, amantadine

pm: hdu/nurse led clinic, tens.


am: xray facets, angio suite

pm: consultant clinic, self directed study/reflection.

Back Pain
Joint Pain
Introduction to the department of Pain Management

Contact us on 01246 512286

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