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We have a team on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Out of hours (17:30-0800, Bank Holidays & Weekends) we cover emergency obstetrics, orthopaedics trauma & general emergencies. We also provide cover for the Emergency Department if the require anaesthetic intervention. Ours staff also escort patients with the anaesthetist & ambulance crews when being transferred to another unit.

Theatre Specialities

1 = Emergencies

2 = General/ Mixed

3 = General/ Colorectal/ Endocrine

4 = MaxFax/ENT

5 = Orthopaedic

6 = Orthopaedic



7 = Orthopaedic

8 = Breast/ ENT/ MaxFax

9 = Gynaecology

10 = Urology/ Gynaecology/ Opthalmic

11 = Emergency Obstetrics

12 = Orthopaedic

Our department comprises of 12 theatres divided into 2 phases and an additional satellite theatre, for opthalmic surgery.

Learning Opportunities

  • Patient care in the pre-operative setting

  • Understanding the roles of 'circulating person', 'scrub person' & 'anaesthetic practitioner'

  • Practicing correct scrubbing, gowning & gloving technique (always fun!!!)

  • The development & understanding of surgical procedures

  • Observing anaesthetic procedures

  • Assisting the anaesthetic practitioner

  • Tracking a patient and their journey (Reception -> Theatre -> Recovery)

  • Assisting the team to clean and prepare the theatres

  • Safe disposal of surgical equipment

Student Expectations

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Participate as part of the team

  • Act professionally at all times

  • Adhere to the NMC standards

  • Identify yourself as a student

  • Wear your ID badge at all times

  • Respect the wishes of patients

  • Always work under the supervision of a registered practitioner (nurse/ODP)

  • Always adhere to theatres uniform policy (blue scrubs & hat with hair tucked in completely).

The following graphic represents the nursing procedures that will be encountered in this placement area, according to the Annexe B section of the Future Nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018).


Green: Encountered frequently/daily

Amber: Encountered occasionally/rarely

Red: Never encountered

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