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NGS Macmillan Unit
01246 513667

The Trust vision is to improve outcomes in cancer care and to provide the best patient experience possible with a particular emphasis on health and wellbeing bringing together high quality treatment, supportive care to ensure a truly holistic approach from diagnosis through to living with and beyond cancer to end of life.

The NGS Macmillan Unit is built on the site of Chesterfield Royal Hospital and is a stand-alone building with an adjacent patient and visitors’ car park. It is connected to the main hospital by a covered bridge. This service will serve North Derbyshire population.

During your placement you will spend time between four different teams to ensure you experience a patient pathway from diagnosis to living with and beyond cancer. The four teams are listed below, some of which are lone services so if staff are on leave during your spoke you may not experience that speciality.

Some of your placement will take place in the new NGS Macmillan Unit which opened June 2017.


To provide the highest quality, holistic, patient centred care for all those in North Derbyshire affected by cancer, throughout all stages of their cancer journey, in a state of the art facility purposely built to the standard of the Macmillan Quality Environment Mark and beyond.


Welcome to your placement on the NGS Macmillan Unit.


Senior Matron Sheree Hall

Matron Carly Starkey


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