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ENT Outpatients

Ward/Unit Philosophy of Care


We aim to provide an efficient, relaxed and friendly outpatient service, ensuring a high level of professionalism in an environment where individuals are supported at every stage of their patient journey.


We aim to ensure patients are fully informed and have a clear understanding of their condition and treatment.


We aim to ensure that staff maintain and develop their knowledge and skills, and that research based practice and trust and hospital standards are implemented at all times.


Who Are We?


We are a small but busy outpatient department.

The team includes:


4 Consultants, 2 Specialist Registrars, 1 SHO.

A Sister, 3 RGNs and 3 HCAs. No receptionist.


Working Hours: 8:30 - 17:00 Monday to Friday


Learning Environment Manager: Alison Clarke and Angela Innes

Contact: 01246 512098 



(Ear related problems)


•Reduced Hearing (acute or chronic onset)


•Glue Ear

•Perforated Ear Drum

•Recurrent Ear Infections

•Balance Related Issues.. 


•Meniere's Disease


Audiologists are present during most clinics to undertake hearing tests.


Weekly Oncology Clinic


Patients are given diagnoses and are supported by the Specialist head and neck Cancer Nurse. 

They have consultations with Oncologists, Dieticians, Speech and Language Therapists and Radiologists


Weekly Urgent Fast Track Clinic taking referrals from GP for anyone who is found to have a palpable lump within the neck

•A One Stop clinic:Consultation, Ultrasound Scan and if necessary a Biopsy.


(all nose related problems)


•Blocked or running

•Sinus problems

•Allergies  (nurses undertake skin prick testing in clinic)

•Nasal Polyps  (overgrowth of nasal lining)

•Perforated Septum / Deviated Septum

•Snoring Issues

•Nosebleeds / Nasal Cautery

•Facial Neuralgia  (presents as painful sinus)



•Difficulty swallowing

•Globus Hystericus:

•feeling of something stuck in the throat

•Changes in the voice

•Pre and Post Op vocal cord checks

•Acid reflux associated problems

•Changes of tracheostomy tubes for patients    living at home

We make referrals to and have close links with Speech and Language Therapists within the hospital.


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