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Pearson Ward

01246 51 2862

Welcome to Pearson ward

Welcome to Pearson ward. We are a 33 bed general medical ward.


The ward offers experience of assessing, managing and evaluating the care of patients with a wide variety of medical conditions including minor respiratory disorders. Patients frequently have complex health care needs and co-morbidities.

Learning opportunities include cardiorespiratory care, endocrinology care and care of the elderly. Students can also spend time with the Respiratory Specialist Nurse, Home Oxygen Nurse, Discharge Coordinator, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. In addition students will have an opportunity to interact with Dieticians, SALT, Tissue Viability Team and the Infection Control Team.


Please identify any proficiencies you wish to achieve whilst on this placement and outline these on your initial interview prior to attending. Please use the contact details below for any more information.  

Contact Us
Tel: 01246 512703 or 01246 516143

Please contact Kerry Webster for details around your placement including hours etc.

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