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Clinical Operations/ Discharge Lounge

Clinical Operations consists of the patient flow team and the Discharge Lounge. This is a designated area, less hectic than the wards, where patients are prepared to go home.

You will be liaising with ED, EMU, all departments, transferring patients, looking at the flow of patients and working in the discharge lounge.

This preparation involves speaking to the pharmacists about any medications the patient is taking with them and to chat to nursing staff about any on-going care and treatment (such as referral to a district nurse or community therapist).


Staff will also discuss follow up appointments, rehabilitation and support services that can help with problems they may have after leaving hospital.


The Discharge Lounge is based on Elizabeth Ward close to the visitors' entrance.

Staff Profile

Sisters - Band 6

Staff Nurse - Band 5


Pharmacy Technician

Health Care Assistant



Occupational Therapist

Placement Contact

Cathy Cahill - LEM

01246 277271 ask for patient flow

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