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Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

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Sara Adams

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Practitioner

Janice Peak

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Practitioner

Elaine Bent

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Practitioner

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Welcome to Cardiac Rehabilitation


All the staff within Cardiac Rehabilitation would like to welcome you as part of our team.


The Cardiac Rehabilitation team care for patients recovering from M.I. (myocardial Infarction),

C.A.B.G (coronary artery bypass graft),


Valve Replacement,

Heart Transplant,

Heart Failure  



All as inpatients and outpatients.

Hours of work are Monday-Friday 8-4pm

Cardiac Rehabilitation Philosophy of Care


The Cardiac Rehabilitation Teams aim is to help patients on the road to recovery.

Our approach is holistic and individual, acknowledging our patients’ physical, psychological, social, vocational and cultural needs.

The Cardiac Multidisciplinary Team support patients in making lifestyle changes to reduce their cardiac risk factors.


Our goal is to empower patient’s enabling them to attain optimal health and psychological wellbeing, allowing them to fulfil their life both personally and within the wider community.

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