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Holywell Ward
01246 512383

Philosophy of care.

The staff in the day surgery suite are highly motivated individuals who will endeavour to support students and learners whilst respecting the patients dignity and individual needs at all times.


Staff will keep the patient up to date with their care on the day of surgery and ensure that all relevant information is given to the patient prior to their discharge home or transfer to another inpatient ward.


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For information about this placement contact the Learning Environment Managers (LEMs):

Shelley Butler

Jeniffa Swann

Or call 01246 512383/4.

Shift Times

Mornings 07:00-14:30

Afternoons 13:30-21:00

Middle Shift 11:30-19:00

Long Day 07:30-21:00

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If you are going to be on placement on Holywell, the student information pack is available here to download.

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Learning Opportunities

All aspects of surgical nursing.

All aspects of individualised holistic care.

Aseptic technique.

Use of medications associated with pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative surgery.

The treatment of chronic pain. 

Examples of procedures you may be involved with and patients you may care for on Holywell ward are below

Ophthalmic Surgery
Plastic Surgery of the Eye
ENT and Maxillofacial
Orthopaedic Surgery

Carpel Tunnel

Bunion Repair

Toe Amputation
Removal of metalwork from limbs
Pain management
Facet Joint injections

Plus many more including Breast, Urology, Colorectal and Vascular Surgery...

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