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Paramedic Placements

Prior to your first placement at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (CRH), a member the Centre for practice learning (CPL) team will send you an email approximately 10 days before your placement starts to let you know about what you need to do for your placement and induction. This will come from the email address

This will include:

Induction start time

Essential or mandatory training to complete prior to the induction

Car parking instructions

The induction starts at 7am and covers:

Important policies and processes

ID card distribution for out of hours access and access to wards

Trust induction including important numbers and contacts

Support mechanisms and placement support team

If you have been to the trust before you will still be invited to the induction at 7am to pick up your ID card.

Placement information

Your university lets us know about your placement allocation normally around 4 – 6 weeks before placement so we can inform the LEM and prepare your off duty and induction if needed. You normally can call the placement area for shift 2 weeks before. 

Sometimes we agree the placements with the university at quite short notice and may not know you’re joining us until just 2 weeks before your placement is due to start!

Please remember this and be patient with our team and the learning environment managers (LEM) in the clinical areas if we’re still preparing things for you at short notice.

Some areas/LEM’s will email you information and off duty ahead of time, but this isn’t guaranteed.  We advise that you contact your ward or placement area by telephone

During your placement you have a large team outside of your LEM, Practice Assessors and Supervisors to support you.

The Practice Learning Educators (PLE’s) are out in practice supporting you at point of care and work between 7am – 8pm or 07887656383

We have a team of Practice Learning Facilitators and Learning Facilitators who will complete your induction, training and be the office contact.

This will be discussed on the induction but can be found on the website.

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