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Clinical Skills / Education

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Situational Awareness - Human Factors

Say This, Not That: improve communication with patients

Welcome to the Clinical Education and Training team!

As a small and diverse team we are responsible for the training and education of all disciplines and grades in a variety of clinical skills. All of our clinical training is supported by evidence based practice and national best practice guidance.

As a student with us you will be working closely with the MDT. You also may be undertaking audit and clinical governance, assisting in clinical simulations, attending and following up medical emergencies (please see “example timetables” tab for previous placement experiences).

To find out more about some of the courses we run, and the support we provide in practice, just click on the links below.

Who's Who?

Tim Chappell: LEM and Clinical Education and Training Facilitator

Gemma Cort: Clinical Education and Training Matron

Richard Barry: Clinical Education and Training Facilitator

Helen Brough: Clinical Education and Training Facilitator

Matthew Moon: Clinical Education and Simulation Facilitator

Deb Hollidale: Clinical Education and Training Administrator

Liz Claridge: Staff Apprentice and Development Lead

Saiphy Nijo: Clinical Educator for Trainee Nursing Associates 

Anne Mooring: Staff Development and Apprentice Practitioner

Jane Furniss: Staff Development and Apprentice Practitioner

Sue Baldwin: Moving and Handling Advisor

Nicola Allen-Kind: Moving and Handling Lead

Working Hours

We start work at 08:00 Monday to Friday and generally finish at 16:00.

There are some occasions when we may suggest that you stay until the end of a specific day which will take you after 16:00 but not 17:00.

We will make sure you are not working over your hours by releasing you before 16:00 on other days.

If you have any issues with working any of the hours time tabled for you please let us know as soon as possible (including any university days) and we can make alternative arrangements whenever possible,

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