Our work and routine is all outpatients based and we work within Suites 1, 3 and 4.

There are Consultants and Nurse clinics and these run on each day of the week Monday-Friday either am or pm.

The team at present consists of the following members:


Dr Kevin Fairburn

Dr Rengi Mathew

Linda Longmore Matron/clinical Nurse Specialist

Hannah Harrison Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner

Julianna Webber Fracture Fragility/Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner

Angela Lawrence Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner.

Specialist Registrar on yearly rotation

Team photo

MDT members

Sharon Wood - Physiotherapist

Shelia Dowker - Occupational Therapist

Abigail Shaw - Podiatrist

Patients seen within the nurse clinics are mainly patients with inflammatory arthritis.

Within the clinic environment the nurse will discuss the following:-


  • Explanation about the clinical diagnosis and what the management will be.


  • Discussion and explanation about any investigations/tests undertaken


  • Counselling with regard to any medication that is to be commenced, this will include any potential side effects, blood tests and regime/dose etc. During this time the patient will be encouraged to ask any questions or voice any concerns. The consultation is a partnership between the patient and the nurse to ensure the best and most effective outcome is achieved.


  • The nurse will issue the patient with relevant written information and documentation. And contact details for the nurse advice line.


  • A prescription will be issued and blood forms given with an appointment to return within 4-6 weeks to see the nurse again.


The following graphic represents the nursing procedures that will be encountered in this placement area, according to the Annexe B section of the Future Nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018).


Green: Encountered frequently/daily

Amber: Encountered occasionally/rarely

Red: Never encountered

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