Practice Supervisors and Practice Assessors for Students



Assessment (for STudents)

Prior to placement, you will be allocated a Practice Assessor. This individual will be responsible for your progression from this placement and will carry out your assessments at the interview stages. As stipulated by the SSSA guidelines, the time spent working alongside your Assessor must be restricted. However, regular contact with this person will be essential so that they may support your learning and keep track of your progression. At your initial interview, the goals for each placement must be set, through discussion with yourself and the PA, in conjunction with the placement area and your university’s proficiencies.

The Practice Assessor

The Practice Supervisor(s) within our clinical placement areas are responsible for working alongside student nurses & midwives to facilitate learning and provide evidence of achievement. The majority of your placement time will be spent working alongside Supervisors. The knowledge and skills acquired from these team members must be evidenced to fulfil the proficiencies set by your university. You may/may not be allocated to Practice Supervisors prior to your shifts. This will very much depend on the placement area and it’s Learning Environment Manager.

The Practice Supervisor

Prior to placement, you will be allocated an Academic Assessor. This individual will be a university-based member of staff who will act as a consistent point-of-contact over each year of study. Regular contact will be maintained between your Academic Assessor and Practice Assessor to keep track of your progression and to provide support for any issues that may arise. The evidence that you gather to fulfil the university proficiencies will also be overseen and verified by this individual (either directly or remotely).

The Academic Assessor

In order to prove you have met the proficiencies set by your university, you will be required to provide evidence to your Practice Assessor at the interview stages of your placement. This evidence can take many forms, including written testimony, reflective accounts, verbal testimony & direct question/answer sessions. The responsibility for obtaining this evidence will be yours. If there are any concerns with the evidence that you have gathered (i.e. inaccuracies, no link to proficiencies, insubstantial), you will be supported by your Practice Assessor on how to improve this.

Evidence Gathering

On occasion, it will be beneficial towards your learning for you to observe/work alongside members of staff that do not possess a professional registration and will, therefore, not be permitted to document in your records. In this case, any evidence obtained (either written or verbal) must be given to a Supervisor or Assessor to verify and add to your records.

Non-Registered Staff/Coach's

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