Learning Environment Manager

Learning Environment Manager

Each learning environment accessed by students, has a designated Learning Environment Manager (LEM).

The LEM is responsible for the quality of the learning environment and for maintaining close links with the Centre for Practice Learning (CPL) and University Link Tutors.


The focus of the CPL is to support, facilitate, enable and empower LEMs and mentors in relation to promoting and ensuring quality of the learning environment.

 The Standard Operating Procedure for meetings between the CPL and the LEMS


The aims of the standard operating

procedure are;


  • Individualised support specific to each area

  • More concentrated time to support learning environment

  • Flexibility for divisions to decide how LEM time can be best utilised

  • Tailored information to individual areas

  • Improved communication between CPL and individual LEMs

  • One to one support for LEMs

  • Improving education to practice link

  • Divisions to determine LEM priorities

  • Enable each area to develop an individualised action plan reflecting specific issues such as student evaluations, ward assurance in terms of mentor numbers and triennial reviews

  • Opportunity for LEMs to review their personal and professional development in relation to the role

  • Visibility of the CPL for students and mentors


   This will be achieved by engagement between the CPL and LEMs.





  • Hubs: Monthly contact as a minimum standard but more often if needed or changes in practice.

  • Spokes: Six monthly but more if needed or if changes in practice.


   The aim is always for face to face contact.


   There will always be two fixed dates which will occur in May and September of each year.


  • May – Sharing Good Practice Event – to allow all LEMs to share examples of good practice, innovative ideas, peer support, networking, opportunity for LEM triennial review, etc


  • September – Annual General Meeting – to provide LEMs the forum for updates, networking, peer support, mentor update, etc

In addition to face to face contact there are other forms of contact which may also be used.


  • Telephone/Email

  • Annual business meetings (AGM)

  • Sharing good practice days

  • Drop in surgeries

There are many resources available to share information.


  • Shared J:/drive

  • Social media

  • Annual general meeting

  • Sharing good practice days

  • Face to face meetings/walk round

Below are the minimum standard items that are to be discussed at each LEM meeting.

Educational Audit


  • Renewal date

  • Advise if any service changes

Practice profile


  • Website page

  • Yearly update

  • Changes



  • Issues                                            

  • Information booklet

  • Allocations

  • Placement issues

  • Prep for registration


  • Off duty

  • Evaluations

  • Learning opportunities

  • HEI specific issues

Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessors


  • Supervisor and Assessor register


  • Pebblepad

  • Updates

  • Conversion courses

  • New courses

Mentorship Until Jan 2020


  • Mentor register

  • LEM induction

  • MIP course/support

  • Updates

  • Succession planning

  • Triennial review

  • Mentor updates

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