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Elizabeth Ward Philosophy


Elizabeth Ward is a Transitional Care Ward which has the capability of ensuring a safe and effective discharge for all of our patients.


Our aim is to achieve a high standard of care in a calm and friendly environment and to achieve a good rapport with patients, relatives and their carer’s.


We have a team of nurses who will be responsible for the holistic care given to the patients during their stay on Elizabeth Ward.


It is our responsibility to involve the patients, relatives and carers in the decision making for a safe and effective discharge enabling them to make informed choices with the help from other professionals involved with their care.


Staff members are encouraged to update their skills and knowledge that is within the trust policy and the Nursing and Midwifery Council enabling them to deliver a high standard of care.

About Elizabeth Ward...


Elizabeth Ward is the Transitional Care Ward which aims to provide a safe discharge to all our patients.  The ward has a capacity for 16 patients. All patients on Elizabeth Ward have been deemed medically stable by the medical team on their referring ward but cannot be discharged for a variety of reasons.  This may be, for example, because the patient needs a care package that is not yet in place, needs rehabilitation at a community hospital or may need further physiotherapy input.  This in turn allows the availability of acute medical beds for new admissions. The environment is also usually much calmer which benefits the patient.


The discharge pathway of each patient is facilitated by the discharge co-ordinator on the ward which is usually one of the Sisters.  The 2 Sisters work over a 7 day period.  In the absence of the Sister, the role in undertaken by another staff nurse in the team. 

Elizabeth Ward is nurse led and does not have a Consultant: you will notice this is the main difference compared to acute medical wards.  There is medical cover available if needed, which your mentor or other member of the nursing team can explain to you.  For any complex medical issues, the patient is still assigned to their previous Consultant on the referring ward.  It is essential that patients transferred to Elizabeth Ward have their Discharge Letter (TTO) written before transfer.

We work closely with all members of the multidisciplinary team.  Some members of the team who you are likely to see on a daily basis are:

          Staff Nurses

          Healthcare Assistants



          Occupational therapists

          Adult Care Team

          Clinical Navigation Team

          Speech and Language therapists



          Catering Staff

Your mentor can explain the roles of these team members to you if you require further information.  We encourage you to spend time with any member of the multidisciplinary team when they visit the ward in order to understand the different areas which need considering to ensure a safe discharge for our patients.

Shift Times:

  • Morning (M):                   07.00-14.30

  • Afternoon (A):                 13.30-21.00

  • Long Day (LD):                07.00-19.30

  • Long Night (LN):             19.30-07.30

Contact us:

01246 51 2881/2950

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